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Confessions of a Phone Sex Artist

Thank You for Calling

Gretel Eta
1 April 1976
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I am a phone sex operator and am in the process of going into business for myself, and in writing a book about the profession. At least, this is what I do by night. By day I am a graduate student and spend hours in the library doing research and writing. In my free time (what's that?) I enjoy the fine arts, work on promoting my business, and am trying to get some progress done on my book, which will essentially be my diary of calls, my thoughts and reactions to them, and things going on in my life related to my field of work, like when I told my my mother, boyfriend, my rabbi, and countless other people in my life who matter to me. This journal is also in search of inspiration. I will NEVER steal someone else's idea, but I do talk on the phone about 30 hours per week, and fresh resources of creativity is always appreciated.

This is a place where I will both talk shop and hopefully be able to post some samples of my writing for my book. I am not here to work, you can call my line if you want to do that *wink*.

Coming soon: my podcast!